ASMC is one of the oldest and most reliable student recruitment service providers, offering international students a wide range of services


ASMC’s services for international students include:

  • Student counseling to assist with choice of universities that suit the student’s preferred location, budget and course of study
  • Counseling to ensure the correct course and path of study is selected
  • Liaising with academic institutions on the student’s behalf
  • Advice on English language and Entry requirements (which vary depending on institution and course)
  • Assistance with the application process and completion of Application Forms
  • Providing assistance and advice in meeting visa requirements
  • Assistance with guardianship arrangements for students under 18 years
  • Providing assistance and advice with student accommodation
  • Pre-departure briefings including provision of a pre-departure kit
  • Arranging for airport pick-up and other support services in Australia

    ASMC also makes special arrangements for scholarship providers and students from the Middle East to continue their education in Australia.


    Additional services provided to Scholarship Providers include:

  • Regular monitoring
  • Provision of welfare and academic progress reports